"How do I explain the intangible that provided me with tangible results regarding
physical health so that you may understand? Western medicine and doctors
seemed to ignore the very conditions regarding my ailments from a poisonous bite.
Through exhaustion and desperation a friend recommended Miss Krajewski to me.
Within one hour after my first session, I was able to move my limbs. Something I
had difficulty doing for 5 months. I found myself going back to reread her web site.
Words such as Holistic, Spiritual, and Mental have connotations all their own.
Those definitions will fail you in understanding something that is far more
transcendent. This affected causation brought forth repressed memories that have
subconsciously crippled my adult life. Through her gentle cognitive process she
recognized the toxins from the bite, my body out of alignment, and the repressed
memories. Needless to say I returned the following week for a second appointment,
with even more surprising results. I have been recommending her practice to many
of my colleagues. We have been discussing our sense of good health and
enlightened conscious. I asked Miss Krajewski if I could write this testimonial. This
experience was so affirmative and expediential that I want to provide my email
address:[please contact me for his information] should you have any questions. If
you find that you want to discuss this process further, I will gladly speak with you by

-Cameron Shields, Arlington, Virginia

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