"What can I not say about my experience with energy kinesiology and the
appointments with Jennifer. Wow! I have always been open to and a recipient of
alternative health care, from chiropractic and acupuncture to homeopathy and
applied kinesiology. However, none of these seem to address some long-term
injuries and other health problems. When I first saw Jennifer, I had suffered with a
painful low back injury for 4 ½ years and a shoulder injury of 2 years. The work
that we did within a few visits made a huge change in my life. Along the way, I
discovered what sleeping through an entire night felt like, I had improvement in a
reoccurring TMJ issue, I no longer suffer from seasonal allergies, and I became
aware of how emotions are tied into each of these problems. Jennifer uses a
holistic approach to educate the body how to heal itself and, in the process, the
patient how to heal herself. Jennifer’s care for you and understanding of the
healing process is very encouraging. I am left with a wide-awake feeling of
possibility and am eternally thankful to Jennifer for leading me through this

-Darrene Hackler, Washington D.C.

"I was suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my wrist for months.  In a twenty
minute session my pain was alleviated.  Within one week my wrist was healed."

-Vicki Dipalo, Alexandria, VA

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