"Jennifer I have to share a few things with you... For starters, you may recall
having done LEAP on my 11-year-old daughter? She was flunking out of Math and
Science and counselors had told me after much testing, to enroll her in remedial
classes. Well, she has ACED every math test so far this year! Not only that, but
she's also excelling in science - both subjects that were real struggles for her in
previous years! She thinks it's the teachers and that may be, but I have to wonder
at the coincidence of LEAP just before starting school again and these good
grades. WOW. Either way, it certainly is a relief to both of us!"

-J.D., Alexandria, Virginia

"Bless you...Bless you.  Thank you so much for working on my baby, Will.  We had
the first peaceful night in I cannot remember when.  He's a completely different
child.  The persistent crying is gone too, and he seems much less sensitive to
sound.  And I was actually able to leave the room last night without him waking up
and screaming.  I believe that this has been the first step in ultimately making him a
happier little guy.  I thank you, and the universe for bringing you into our lives."

-Christina Richardson, Charlottesville, VA

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